The concept

Der bewegte Hund - Welpenspielgeräte The moving dog is a total concept. It includes everything that moves your dog. From nutrition to health. The approach begins at the puppy age with the physiotherapy support and continues up to any age.

At the beginning of the moving dog is the dog and the resulting physical therapy from your needs. It is often not enough to help a dog through physical therapy measures to once again up and running. My desire, and of course the every dog ​​owner is that your dog lives with no further visits to me, fulfilling a long and healthy life. Therefore need to be created in addition to other requirements of a physiotherapy treatment for a healthy organism.


Especially should the joints affected dogs to support your healing process and keep them even after a long time to be able to be switched to a grain-free diet.
This Zufütterungen selected and targeted nutritional supplements provide a good recovery of your favorite.

About the person 

The mastermind behind "Der bewegte Hund" I'm: Daniela Söhl

  • 2003 Diploma of veterinary homeopathy ATN
  • 2005 Diploma of veterinary psychology ATN
  • 2008 certified veterinary physiotherapist HR
  • 2010 certified dog groomer
  • 2010 breed warden of Chow Chow at ACC
  • 2010 licensed ring steward VDH
  • 2010 Germany "Bio"-Certification

Der bewegte Hund - Daniela Söhl

My specializations are:

  • raising puppies
  • the swimmer's syndrome
  • Puppy aberrations
  • "Kümmerchen"

Care after surgery

Often, pet owners, according to a severer disease, injury and / or surgery in general very insecure handling of your Lieblingen.Selbst everyday grooming is unexpected questions such as "I can comb it to his injured leg," "it can not long available after your illness how should I care now your skin under the belly and legs "- it was these questions, my experience in physical therapy, and the joy of grooming my own dogs, especially the preparations for the show ring and dadrüber out the ever more frequent requests of my friends and acquaintances to take care of your dog, awakened in me the desire to have more time to consider the grooming of other breeds.


In the spring of 2010, I successfully completed my training as a dog hairdresser - and may from this time all of my patients can get a professional grooming with special reference to their respective handicaps, always in the joint radius are sitting in or standing - like my patient's Potition can hold without his aching hip as to charge his tense back.

Here, I'm looking for the Standard and Customised Professional and trim friesieren for the show ring.

Special friends, I have to tailor all aces, eg poodle and Bichon.



It does not always come to you like an animal physical therapist to see me have. There are many things you can do proactively:

  • optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation
  • Optimal nutrition of the pups in the breeding
  • best possible coordination of training
  • Promotion of self-awareness and self-consciousness

All of this gives me very great friends, it is so simple, because it is so natural and intuitive from the gut. Gerlernt have to be that it is not only intuitive but quite right and it makes the most beautiful belgbar Beschäfftigung in my life. My dogs and our puppies are raised as well, always inspired by nature. I would gladly give you some of that joy. Be that as I go with you and your lovely dog ​​through bad days again, your puppy with you to enable a healthy and happy start, or maintain the coat of your dog and his best verhelfe to shine.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and your dog!